Friday, February 28, 2003

understand the afternoon...
it´s the finger in the scar
the smash strawberry it´s in my head
i wish i could drink more
my body it´s extremely week
i should drink more...
if sometimes u feel alone
u know the worst moment is in the afternoon
i wish i could have some strengh for something
such a week little downy am i!
shame on me
understand the afternoon
because the nite is coming
and the morning was hard
the vodka it´s a perfect drink
i wish i could drink more vodka
drunken fairys hide on me

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

understand the morning
it´s not the meaning of a new day.
it´s the remarcable meaningless of the rest of the day.
the life
and my lovely t-shirts with different draws...
i use to draw blood,
and the people on that
i was there and my eyes where looking at the damn
light blue with condoned clouds sky.
my life never get better
i´m waiting since i was born.
i should.
understand the nite
it´s not the end of a scary day
it´s just the same shit
no lights
i use to love the silence
now i don´t give a fuck
the silence is in the grave of my brain
the death it´s unlucky imposibility of everything
i wish i could be someone of those
who sleeps on the nites and wake up in the morning
two new pair of shoes for the year
some blujeans
and the smile that should be under my nose.